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Human Table Soccer – der außergewöhnliche Kickerspaß

The human table soccer is a very special inflatables! People become living kicker figures dueling within an inflatable playfield border. In Human Kicker, each team consists of five field players and one goalkeeper. The players, however, have to live with the handicap that they are fixed with their hands on a pole. This not only provides the players with a lot of fun, but also the spectators will have fun with the exciting human table soccer matches.

People kicker ensures great attention

This kicker fun in XXL format is a highlight on every event. When you buy a human table soccer you can be sure of a lot of attention. The eye-catching field border is ideal for attaching advertising messages. In addition, it ensures that the players do not hurt themselves when it gets hot in human table soccer. The edging and the gates are filled with air like a bouncy castle with the help of the supplied 1.1 kW blower and are therefore nicely padded.

Matching accessories for human table soccer

The rods of the Human Kicker are made of lightweight as well as durable aluminum. They withstand many wild games without any problems. Should your human kicker need new aluminum rods, we have the right spare parts for you in the offer. You will also find the matching slides on which the players guide the individual rods in our accessories. To differentiate the individual teams, these are available in different colors.

The players cling to these padded sliders – one goalkeeper each, three in midfield and two in the storm. Any move of the midfielders and strikers wants to be well considered at human table soccer, because only in combination can you move from one side to the other and come to a successful goal.

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